Franklin Gardens  opened in 2011 in Austin, Texas. The development is is a 22 unit  senior housing community (62 years or older), with an affordability level of 50%  median family income or less. Franklin Gardens serves low income communities in Austin to provide  housing for an historically marginalized community. Franklin Gardens offers assisted living, such as daily chores, but provides an opportunity for independent living as well.

Franklin Gardens

The Chicon

 The CHICON is the most ambitious project CNRC has undertaken.  With the help of the City of Austin (and the housing bond funds administered through the Austin Housing Finance Authority), CNRC was able to develop a mixed-use and mixed-income community in Central East Austin near the corner of 12th and Chicon.  After the third building is complete, CNRC will have created at least 43 residential units (with most of them going for households making less than 80% of the region's Median Family Income ) and 10 affordable commercial spaces for ownership

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