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Client Testimonials

Amalia Litsa

"It was really important for me to own something because I didn't want to be priced out of my business by a landlord."

"Finally, whenever [The Chicon] condos were built, it was the first time I had seen a solution that was feasible and affordable for someone like me, who was getting started."

Veronica Maier

"[The Chicon] was the only place that I could find. It was a dream come true. I get to live here."

"Moving here, we had a life. I've never lived in Austin in the 12 years I've been here that has felt like home."

"The work that CNRC is doing for our community is helping all of us."

building community

"We get to walk to all the fun places. We get to support local businesses. We get to be a community."

helping business owners

"All of our customers are local. All of the businesses in this area are interdependent."

providing affordable options

"I had been looking for commercial real estate for years, and in Austin it's not easy because commercial real estate is very expensive."

Bringing joy

"This was a very long dream in the making."

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